2014 Thanksgiving Retreat

This is the first time ever for The Last Rain Ministry Church to go on a retreat during Thanksgiving. The theme chosen for this retreat was “Family + Church = Love.” The objective was to reinforce the unity of every family in Last Rain and also the church itself as a big family. We were also honored to be ministered by two humble servants of God, Pastor Oscar Surjadi from Portland, Oregon and Pastor Andreas Raharjo from Surabaya, Indonesia.

Introduction and Fun Times


Session 1 – Praise and Worship

Session 1 – Sermon

“How To Get Un-Stuck” by Pastor Oscar Surjadi


Session 2 – Praise and Worship

Session 2 – Sermon

“Lessons From Barnabas “by Pastor Andreas Raharjo


Session 3 – Praise and Worship

Session 3 – Sermon

“Lost” by Pastor Oscar Surjadi