“Never Gives Up” ~ Wilar Family

We surrendered our son, John Daniel Christopher Wilar to God on 15 April 2012, as a reflection of how grateful we are and how amazing our Mighty God is! A little story here. 12 weeks pregnancy, my Ob/Gyn doctor told me that my water sac (amniotic fluid) leaked and water went down very low to 5 AFI, which meant that I would go into labor within 48 hours, or would get an infection within 72 hours.

The doctors suggested that I terminated the pregnancy as I might have a deformed baby. However, we refused to give up hope. My doctor respected our decision. She admitted me in the hospital right that moment and ordered a strict bed rest. The Head doctor of the high risk pregnancy then tried to convince me to terminate the pregnancy. He said that from his researches and experiences, my case was a miscarriage with zero percent chance of survival rate. He added that many families suffered terribly because they decided to keep the baby (emotionally and financially). Even so, we stayed with our decision, and long story short, I managed to keep this baby through a full term of 39 weeks without any complications

Through this, we learned to never give up hope no matter what happen. Many people prayed for us. In the process, our family also got closer spiritually and emotionally. God is still working among us, miracles happen when we believe and obey His Word. We can’t thank God enough for letting the baby win his fight for his life. Let us grow in God’s grace through faith.

~ Wilar Family – Last Rain Ministry Family

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