“God’s Grace” ~ Rini Tan

Since childhood, I have known the name of Christianity. My grandmother is a Christian and she who first took me to church. My parents forbade me to be baptized, so until I was an adult I just so-so Christian (not serious). Going to church as I like, and mostly just skipped and always late. In 2003, I decided to be baptized in the Church of Jesus Christ in Mangga Besar. I got a sprinkling baptism there. But still, I did not discipline myself for going to church and be-came a mediocre Christian, I’m not even serving. In fact, my pastor asked me to serve in the church, he said, “You like to sing when you are taking a shower, why don’t you join the service then?” Even so, I did not care his statement.

At the time I wanted to go to America and I pray to God. In my prayers, I asked God to give me an answer. If God allowed me to go to America, let God makes a way for me to get a visa. After the visa was granted, I came to America eventually. Then, I started looking for a church from Indonesian to English language churches. However, I did not find the right one where my heart belonged to. Until finally one of my friends, Hendra Santoso, invited me to church of The Last Rain Ministry (TLRM). In TLRM, I grow and learn a lot. I became a churchgoer and also serving the Lord. I also decided to re-baptized with the baptism by immersion. It is because in Matthew 3:16 says “After Jesus was baptized, Jesus went up immediately from the water.” In other words, if we want to follow Jesus Christ, then we should do the same as what the Lord Jesus Christ had done.

In The Last Rain Ministry I’m serving as a singer, usher and cooking. This is all because of the Grace and Mercy of God to me. I am unworthy but given the opportunity to serve the Lord and it is pleasing to Him. It was a beautiful plan of God in my life. God sent me to America, so I can be transformed and molded according to His will. If I still lived in Indonesia I can not be like what I am today where I can feel proud and joyful as a servant of God, Hallelujah. Thank you Lord Jesus Christ. God bless us all!

~ Rini Tan – Praise & Worship Ministry

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