“Forgiving God” ~ Agustinus Bambang

Almost all my friends in Indonesia who came to New York and those who saw me and my kids on Facebook told me that we adapted very well. I thought to myself, it was right, but why I did not realize that? For the last two years in US, there have been a lot of problems, but there are solutions for them. God makes us forget about all the bad things that happened before and to keep on living our lives. Everything comes at the best time. Now, Abi is in college and he is able to pay for school and part of the rent from his own salary.

Adit got into a good school and he is working on weekends. Alung is doing good at school and is being trained to work at his school with the hope of getting a part-time job soon. Anggra is also doing good at school, sunday school and he picks up English very well. All of those make me very happy. I also have a great job as a Math Tutor, even though by itself it is not enough, but it helps us survive and also becomes a stepping stone. Now, our immigration status is secure and so is our health insurance. God is good! I made a lot of mistakes because of the bad situation, but God is always forgiving. Through the faith in Christ Jesus, we all grow in the community of The Last Rain Ministry. Thank you and Praise the LORD!.

~ Agustinus Bambang Setiawan – Outreach Ministry

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