Forever Grateful ~ Lia Mankin

January 30th, 2011 was a special day for me because that was the day I was saved.
Months prior, I started seriously seeking God. Not just thinking about God once awhile but to actually spent most of my time seeking God. As days and months passed, my longing and frustration grew stronger. It seemed that anywhere I looked, I found dead ends. Finding God for me was an impossible task to do but yet for some reasons I don’t understand why I just could not stop looking.

Then, I started attending the Friday and Sunday Services at TLRM Church. I also decided to read the bible from start to finish, not just a few verses. As I read the book of Mathew and listened to the songs and the preaching, the puzzles started to come to-gether. The story of Peter walks on water made me realize that you cannot just stay on your boat. To find Him you have to step out of you boat, and walk towards Jesus in faith, believ-ing that although you will walk on water you will be alright because He will be there for you. I found dead ends because I wanted to find God first and then have faith in Him. It doesn’t work like that. You have to have faith first. Only through faith you can find Him, and receive the grace of salvation. I thank God endlessly for TLRM Church. You guys rocks!! You led me to Jesus and I am forever grateful.

~ Lia Mankin, Outreach Ministry

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