“Answered Prayer” ~ Ricky Sanjaya

In 2006, I started my life in the US. I could come here because of my parent’s support. Once I got here, I lived with my uncle and relatives. I was happy living my life in America. I took an English course and hung out with many people without realizing that my spiritual life was empty. I never spent time with God, I neither went church nor read the word of God, even though I was already a Christian before I came here. With the passing of time I started to realize that I had an empty heart. I did not have peace, only lived according to my own plans, concerned only with the worldly life. Finally, I decided to start coming to church again when a coworker invited me to church. Then I started coming regularly and began to seek God’s presence and started again from beginning with God. However, I still did not find the peace and grace that I was looking for. Although I regularly attended church, nothing was changed, I did not feel anything special and problems and trials kept coming my way. I did not know whom should I look for, did not know how to solve the problems and I felt so far away from God’s love. Until one time, since I already part of Last Rain family, I decided to talk to Pastor Hank, and he encouraged and prayed for me, and I accepted Jesus into my life again. Slowly, day by day I opened my heart again, stopped thinking about my problems and negative things. On the opposite, I allowed God to work in my life, and as the time went by I started to feel the joy, longing for God, love and peace. I learned to fill my heart spiritually and lead by Holy Spirit I also started to learn the word of God which I am still doing to this day. I always pray, asking for God’s protection towards my HEART and my MIND especially. I want to offer an advice to my friends, never get away from God, because God says “apart from me you can do nothing” John 15:5.

The love of God always blesses and with me to this day, and God already answered one of my prayers, giving me someone who really loves God and loves me. That someone is my wife. I believe God will answer my other prayer, to bring all my family and relatives to know and accept Him as their Savior. Amen! Knowing God for me is incredible because I can feel His love, peace, grace and joy. God always make a way out for every problem we have, and there are so many other blessings. Walking with God, I feel so blessed. From the first time I came to the US until this day, not once I ever lack in anything. I feel that God always takes care and protects me. In prayers I never stop give thanks for His goodness that have saved me so that I can feel His peace and joy. One day, God gave me a revelation in a dream about rapture. I had this dream when I was still far from God. In this dream I saw God coming on the clouds, seated on the holy throne and picking up His holy people. Then, I saw His holy people clothed in white started to be lifted up. I was so frightened by that short and clear dream from God. Not long after that, I gave myself to be baptized and started serving God, live my life seriously in Him, start learning, keeping my heart and mind in my daily life and keep watch, and all those I did in prayer and guidance of our Father God. Knowing and experiencing God are not a choice but a MUST TASTE & SEE THAT THE LORD IS GOOD. (Psalm 34:8)

~ Ricky Sanjaya – Sound & LCD Ministry

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