About Us

Our Pastor

tlrm pastorPastor Hank Widjaja, the senior pastor of the Last Rain Ministry Church, can be described as an enthusiastic evangelist who loves to tell people about Jesus, our Savior. Before he received Jesus into his life, Pastor Hank used to be a drug addict and a criminal. He was sent to prison five times. Not until in 1989 when Pastor Hank was in prison for the fifth time, he met Jesus for the first time. Since then, he totally surrendered his life to Jesus and started serving God with everything he had. Through his testimonies, many souls have been saved.

By the grace of God, Pastor Hank has been instrumental in reaching out to the lost, wherever the Lord sends him.

Our Church

inside church


The Last Rain Ministry is an English-Indonesian church located in Elmhurst, New York. We are foremost passionate about Jesus Christ, who is the very reason why we exist and we do what we do. Our mission is to connect people, children and adult alike, from all different backgrounds to live in Christ. We believe that everyone is important to God and, therefore important to us. We invite you to come and join us to experience what Jesus has been doing at The Last Rain Ministry Church.

The Last Rain Ministry Church started from a home fellowship that was held in our pastor’s living room back in 1998. As the number of people grew, the house was too small to contain the people who faithfully came every week. Then, it was God’s timing to take the meeting to a bigger place that would impact even more people of all backgrounds with the Good News of God’s love and power.

Everyone is welcome at the Last Rain Ministry Church. The majority of the congregation is young-adults who are excited for the Lord and to serve him. With every Sunday Service being a bi-lingual service (English and Indonesian), you can find just about every nationality here, at the Last Rain Ministry Church. It is an amazing sight, when people from every nation begin to praise the Lord.


Our mission

The Last Rain Ministry Church is reaching out to many nations to spread out the Gospel of Christ. We’re just a big family in Christ that striving always to grow together toward Jesus who is the above of all things in our life. Moreover, as one body of Christ, we want to inspire people to love God, love others as you love yourself.


Our history

home fellowshipThe Last Rain Ministry Church started as a home fellowship that was held in our pastor’s living room back in 1998 by the Grace of God. Pastor Hank had no intention to be a pastor nor to lead a church. It was purely the Lord who established everything and called him to be a pastor.

It was the people who had the desire to make it to be a church. Pastor Adi Sutanto, the founder of JKI church, called Pastor Hank (never met each other before) and he asked if there was anything that he could do to help. In 2002, Pastor Hank Widjaja was ordained to be the pastor of The Last Rain Ministry Church.


Meet our team


Last Rain Ministry Church has 12 ministries, there’s something for everyone! Regardless if you’re young or young at heart, there is always a ministry for you. We are all geared up and ready to become the army of God to serve Him with all our talents, passions and creativity. We have all kinds of ministries from cooking, church support, outreach, music , décor and many more.