2014 Christmas Celebration

Christmas Skit


Ranni has been working for Pak Anton for 12 years and one Christmas eve, she asked Pak Anton if she could get her paycheck early to take her father to see a doctor. Instead of getting the money she very much needed, poor Ranni was scolded and threatened to be fired. Ranni and her mother then prayed and asked for God’s help. All of a sudden, Alvin, a stranger, showed up at the front door with an envelope addressed to Ranni. He claimed that Ranni helped his aunt two years ago when she fell down at Central Park. As Ranni and her mom opened the envelope, they found a $2000 check from Alvin’s aunt as her way of saying thank you.


Cindy Gabriella (narator)

Jennifer Minarno as Ranni

Liang Kurniady as Pak Anton

Amelia Natawijaya as Ranni’s mother

Abraham Setiawan as Alvin

Jessica Minarno (keyboard player)

Cindy Tanartah (singer)




He Came To Give